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Rebel Wisdom Courses

Since the beginning of Rebel Wisdom, we've been focused on creating processes that help people embody and experiment with the ideas we explore on the channel.

Our courses are an opportunity to learn from some of the brightest thinkers and most experienced facilitators we've come across in order to level up to meet the challenges of the times we live in. Sharpen your awareness, improve your sensemaking, and connect with others looking to explore the edge of the cultural conversation.

7th July 2021

Our flagship course with tuition from some of the brightest minds we've had on the channel. With over 1000 alumni and an average rating of nine out of ten, Sensemaking 101 helps you improve the skills we need to make sense of a complex, fast-changing cultural landscape. Led by Alexander Beiner, the course moves from the inside out; helping you develop your mindfulness, discernment and cognitive capacity before applying these skills to making sense of culture, systems and the media. 

13th May 2021

In a world increasingly run by people and institutions following rigid scripts and uninspired stories, the time has come to play a new game, and that means becoming 'live players' rather than passive observers. This course is led by David Fuller, founder of Rebel Wisdom, and Peter Limberg, steward of the Stoa. It will help you playfully develop capacities to map the cultural landscape, argue more effectively, navigate cognitive traps and  communicate across political divides.

11th September 2021

A brand new course with tuition from Nora Bateson, Tyson Yunkaporta, Greg Thomas and Pamela von Sabljar. To adapt and thrive in a post-truth world, we need to be able to hold multiple perspectives. There are essential sensemaking techniques hidden in systems theory, ancient wisdom and modern science that can help us do this. From inductive reasoning and haptic cognition to emergent dialogue and the wisdom of the Blues, this course will help you level up in skills often left out of the conversation.

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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