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Digital Campfire Events

The Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire is where we host events and conversations in front of a live audience. We have a mix of sessions, minimum one a week, which vary between Q&As with top names and practice sessions with some of the best facilitators around.

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What's Coming Up

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Rebel Wisdom Campfire Gathering!

16 May, 2022
About Event

Our monthly Campfire Gathering is open to all members. A place to connect with other RW members, talk about what's going on behind the scenes, ask questions or comment on Rebel Wisdom content, and practice live sensemaking around what's going on in the world.

This is a regular monthly AMA (ask me anything) session with Rebel Wisdom founders David Fuller and Alexander Beiner. They are an opportunity to ask any questions, about guests, about any of the films and topics featured on Rebel Wisdom, and also any questions about the Digital Campfire itself. All questions, criticisms and ideas welcome!

Date & Time

Monday, 16 May at 8pm UK / 3pm ET / 12pm PT


Rebel Wisdom Wrapup - Follow Up Q&A

23 May, 2022
About Event

We are scheduling this session a week after the initial announcement, so that there is enough time for the news to land and settle with people. This will be a chance to ask any burning questions, make any suggestions of projects or ideas that we can consider for the wrapup and pollination process.

This will be a larger event with all our Subscribers and other interested parties invited. 

Date & Time

Monday, 23 May at 6pm UK / 1pm ET / 10am PT


The War on Reality, what should we do? Mary Harrington, Paul Kingsnorth

24 May 2022
About Event

The recent 'War on Reality' conversation we hosted on Rebel Wisdom between Mary Harrington and Paul Kingsnorth was one of the most interesting and influential pieces we've put out for some time. In it they compared notes, bringing in Paul's concept of 'the machine' and Mary's idea of 'fully automated luxury gnosticism' as they explored the modernist fervour for transcending the limits of the natural world, and argued that these attempts were doomed, but damaging.

In this conversation, Paul and Mary are returning to discuss what to do next, in dialogue with David Fuller, and a Q&A with Rebel Wisdom members and invited guests.

Date & Time

Tuesday, 24 May at 7pm UK / 2pm ET / 11am PT


The Philosophy of Rene Girard, Luke Burgis

30 May 2022
About Event

One of the most frequently referenced names among many of the thinkers we've been following on Rebel Wisdom has been that of Rene Girard. He was a French polymath, historian, literary critic, and philosopher of social science, who introduced the idea of memetic desire, and an explanation of the function of the 'scapegoat' in organising societies. He was described as the "new Darwin of the human species". 

Luke Burgis has just written a book about Girard's work and joins us to introduce this fascinating thinker and to answer any RW members' questions about why this work is so significant now.

Date & Time

Monday, 30 May at 8pm UK / 3pm ET / 12pm PT


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