You’ll Experience:

  • Live sessions with leading embodiment teachers
  • Breathwork, Movement, Bodywork, Mindfulness and Rhythm practices
  • Your unique embodiment needs and how to meet them
  • Practices you can apply immediately to your daily life 
  • Collaboration and support from others on the course

You’ll Learn: 

  • The science, psychology and philosophy of embodiment and flow
  • How to make sense of culture from an embodied perspective
  • How to relate to yourself, other people and the world more fully
  • Theories, models and techniques from a workbook and films
  • How to develop your own embodiment and flow practices

Course Dates: Begins 9 June, 2022 and runs for five weeks 
Price: £295 / $360. Apply for a scholarship here


Professor John Vervaeke is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in Psychology, Cognitive Science and Buddhist Psychology. His groundbreaking research on wisdom, mindfulness, meditation, relevance realization, and flow states is revolutionising how people teach and learn embodiment practices. 

John Vervaeke

Schuyler Brown is a facilitator and healer whose calling is teaching and creating experiences of embodiment, empathy, and ensoulment for individuals and groups. Her work is infused with feminine wisdom and rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, and shamanism. She teaches an embodied meditation modality called Coming Home and shares regularly at The Stoa where she hosts Embodiment Hour every Thursday as part of the Wisdom Gym. You can find her at

Schuyler Brown

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 80s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing successfully on the dance scene. He’s also recorded with David Bowie and Madness. Today, he is world-renowned for leading rhythm and drumming workshops that help groups tap into flow and collective intelligence. 

Tom Morley

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Nicola Price is the founder of Inspirational Breathing and a highly skilled breathwork facilitator. Inspirational Breathing is a technique that fully opens up the respiratory system — sometimes for the first time ever — and floods the body with life affirming energy and life force. Nicola teaches IB all around the world and trains new teachers in this transformative practice.

Nicola Price

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Rafe Kelley was an early pioneer in parkour and now runs Evolve Move Play, an organisation that teaches a system of human movement training made sustainable through fun, fulfillment, community, and a broader sense of what it means to be well. He’s on a mission to help people reconnect people to the most meaningful aspects of life through outdoor movement.

Rafe Kelley

<img class=”el-image” alt=”” data-src=”/wp-content/uploads/templates/yootheme/cache/Roger_bio-dc0b754a.jpeg” data-srcset=” 400w, 768w” data-sizes=”(min-width: 400px) 400px” data-width=”400″ data-height=”400″ uk-img=”” src=”data:image/svg+xml;utf8,”>

Roger Jackson is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Esalen® Massage Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, certified Circler and embodied philosopher. He has been working as a somatic therapist for 16 years and was the Director of Oasis – School for Californian Massage and Healing Arts, Buenos Aires between 2012 and February 2022.
Roger is trained in a variety of other body work techniques and is especially focused on regulation of the nervous system as a tool to self empowerment, trauma resolution and deepening of connection.

Roger Jackson

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Dr Shama Rahman is an entrepreneur, scientist, explorer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actor and storyteller.

She is an expert on the neuroscience of flow and how it relates to creativity, with a multi-disciplinary PhD in the Neuroscience and Complex Systems of Creativity and Innovation frameworks.

Shama Rahman

<img class=”el-image” alt=”” data-src=”/wp-content/uploads/templates/yootheme/cache/Beiner_Profile2-f7798ce8.jpeg” data-srcset=” 400w, 768w, 800w” data-sizes=”(min-width: 400px) 400px” data-width=”400″ data-height=”400″ uk-img=”” src=”data:image/svg+xml;utf8,”>

Alexander Beiner is one of the founders of Rebel Wisdom and the curator of the course. He’s trained as a mindfulness practitioner, and has developed a number of innovative meditations to help people apply embodiment and awareness techniques to making sense of culture. He’s an expert on the cognitive and emotional skills required for navigating psychedelic experiences, and has a book coming out on this topic in 2023.

Alexander Beiner

About the Course

You’re reading this text with your whole body. As your eyes move, your heart is beating, your neurons are firing, and your body is adapting in countless subtle ways. Everything we experience in life, and every aspect of how we make sense and find meaning is mediated through the complex interplay of our senses.

But our scientific history has led us to a cultural belief that the mind and body are separate, and we now talk about ‘my hand’ or ‘my body’ as if there’s a distinct ‘me’ to own it. The latest cognitive science, neuroscience and philosophy reveals just how limited and out of date this model is. How we experience the world is inextricably from our physical embeddedness within it, and how we connect with one another is deeply embodied, even online.

The latest research suggests that our cognition isn’t happening just in our brains, but throughout our whole body, in a system of incredible depth and complexity we can access at any time. And when we start to learn how to listen to our bodies and act from a deeper attunement with our senses, we can transform our lives. 

Embodiment practices like breathwork, mindfulness, somatic experiencing and movement can help us come into a deeper connection with ourselves, one each other and the world around us.  And when we’re truly connected to ourselves and our environment, under the right conditions we can tap into a state called flow. It’s an experience of being ‘in the zone’, a space where time slows down and we move effortlessly, performing at the best of our abilities.   

The more films we’ve put out and courses we’ve run, the more we’ve realised that to really make sense and find meaning, we have to start with embodiment. With that in mind (and body), we’ve gathered an incredible group of teachers for an online course unlike anything we’ve put on before; more self-directed, more focused on day to day life, and all tied together in a cohesive narrative. You can read more about what we have planned below.

Course Structure

This course is designed primarily as a process that will teach you tools you can bring into your own life straight away. We’ve designed it to include a rich variety of practices, exercises and ways to connect so that no two people will have the same experience on the course.

The live sessions will take place on Thursday evenings UK time, and last for 1 hour and 45 minutes. They’ll act as experiential introductions to different embodiment practices. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded the next day so you can access them at any time, even if you can’t attend them live.

Throughout the course you’ll have the option to develop your own unique embodiment and flow practices. Through our course environment hosted on Mighty Networks, you’ll be able to find other participants on a similar embodiment journey to your own and connect for support, accountability and inquiry.

You’ll also have access to a workbook, a curated library of Rebel Wisdom films with top embodiment and connection teachers like Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Peter Levine.

The Process

We’ll begin the course by establishing a theoretical scaffolding to help us deepen our experience and refer back to over the five weeks. Professor John Vervaeke will explain embodiment in terms of ‘4E’ cognitive science, which theorises that our experience of the world isn’t just processed in our heads, but is also embodied, embedded, enacted, and extended. He’ll also explain how we can create the conditions for flow states in our day to day lives. Rafe Kelley, parkour pioneer and founder of Evolve Move Play, will build off Vervaeke’s framing to provide a series of exercises you can do day to day, including a ‘movement diet’ you can choose to develop throughout the course.  Similarly, Dr. Shama Rahman will provide a series of resources and exercises on the neuroscience of flow and creativity you can use throughout the five weeks.

In the following week, Somatic Experiencing therapist and bodyworker Roger Jackson will guide you through techniques to help you start to listen deeply to the inner wisdom of your body. In the next session, renowned breathwork teacher Nicola Price will guide you through a breathwork session and share how to create your own breath practice.

In week four, embodiment coach Schuyler Brown will host a session on ‘Cultural Embodiment’ – taking a live cultural conversation and teaching you how to make sense of it through an embodied lens as a group. Finally, we’ll bring it all together in our final session, Rhythm, with drummer and workshop leader Tom Morley showing you how to come into flow as a group, and why it’s such a wonderful tool for cohesion and collaboration.

Click on each session below to find out more about it.


Session 1 – Introduction with John Vervaeke & Rafe Kelley

Session 2 – Your Body’s Inner Wisdom with Roger Jackson

Session 3 – Breathwork with Nicola Price

Session 4 – Cultural Embodiment with Schuyler Brown

Session 5 – Rhythm with Tom Morley