Iain McGilchrist, 'We Need to Act'

Iain McGilchrist has been outlining for many years that a fundamental problem in the way we are perceiving the world is likely to lead us into trouble. Now in 2022 he believes the situation is reaching a crucial turning point and we need to wake up urgently. In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller he talks about how our current culture’s domination by a ‘left brain’, reductionistic, materialist and …


Rebel Wisdom not only looks at new thinking and ideas from films and interviews we also look at how active psychological approaches can help invididuals in their day to day lives.

One of those psychological approaches is getting online therapy through some of the popular online therapy UK platforms.

We take a close look at BetterHelp UK (including BetterHelp Prices UK and How much is BetterHelp UK?), the best online therapy platforms for the UK, and more with our partner HelptoHeal.

Feel free to read up on our therapy recommendations in the articles above or on PrivatePracticehub.co.uk.

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