The Wilderness Festival is one of the UK’s top festivals of music, food, talks and experiences. This year Rebel Wisdom took over the main talks space, the Forum, for three hours, with a selection of talks with a series of special guests. We covered how the pandemic had acted as a catalyst to make many of our existing problems worse. The talks include: The Crisis of Sensemaking with Alex Krasodomski 07:17 The Death of Empathy with Ayishat Akanbi 16:30 The Flipside of Activism with Anthea Lawson 25:36 The Shadow of Righteousness, dialogue between Ayishat Akanbi & Anthea Lawson 33:31 The Psychedelic Revolution with Robin Carhart-Harris 43:26 Panel Discussion with all speakers 53:44 This is a shorter cutdown of the talks, to see the entire three hour Rebel Wisdom takeover, become a Rebel Wisdom member for as little as $5 per month: