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The Rebel Wisdom community is at the heart of what we do. It is a space to find the others, to share ideas and inspiration, and to practice many of the skills we talk about in our films and articles.

Recently we've focused on developing the community by creating our Digital Campfire, hiring a community manager, and launching new practice sessions and online experiences.

The Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire

We recently launched our Digital Campfire. It's a place to connect face to face and participate in up to four regular weekly sessions like our Q&A and Wisdom Gym, as well as courses and classes led by world-class facilitators. You can find a full list of what's on here.

You can find a library of exclusive video content, skills sessions, Q&As and much more on our member platform, hosted on Circle. You can also connect with other members to continue the conversation began in the sessions. Connect with others interested in putting into practice the ideas we explore on Rebel Wisdom, from live sensemaking around cultural topics to practices like Circling and mindfulness.

If you'd prefer to just discuss the ideas in our films and articles, you can do so on our Discord server which is available to everyone.

Our regular calls: Monday: Live Sensemaking! Where we discuss whatever is most current in the cultural conversation, using some of the skills we discuss on the channel.

Tuesday: RW Academy. This is a regular session to improve our skills, with some of the best facilitators in the world.

Wednesday: Alternating between Q&A with one of the stars of our films, and the Wisdom Gym, with some of the biggest names in growth and transformation.

Thursday: Connection Gym, where we practice skills around connection and culture. This session is timed for the US & Australasian audience.

Gift Memberships

Our Explorer and Sensemaker memberships are now available to be bought as gifts.

Wise Rebel


All our members get access to member-only recordings, including Q&As with many of the stars of the channel, and all the sessions from our flagship Rebel Wisdom Festival. They also get access to the Digital Campfire platform where you can find a growing library of recordings of sessions, and discussions with other members.

  • Wise Rebels get: Access to the new Digital Campfire platform.
  • Access to all the exclusive Rebel Wisdom content for Members only, and preview access to other content before it is made public.
  • Access to the videos for our 'Rebel Wisdom Live' events - including our big online festival in May.
  • Access to the recordings of our past Q&A's with interviewees like Jamie Wheal, John Vervaeke and others (see 'Sensemakers' below for details).



In addition to all the benefits of the earlier level, Explorers can access most of our online events, including our Monday 'Live Sensemaking' sessions, Tuesday 'RW Academy' sessions, and our Thursday 'Connection Gym' and more. 

  • Access to the new Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire and also access to several online practice sessions every week, including the Monday 'Live Sensemaking' session, and much more. 
  • Access to the 24/7 sensemaking Zoom rooms for discussing, collaborating and connecting (available via the Digital Campfire).
  • Notification of Early Bird tickets for major Rebel Wisdom events such as the Summits & Festivals.

Rebel Wisdom Sensemaker


In addition to joining the full Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire, becoming a Rebel Wisdom Sensemaker gives you access to all our calls, including our Wednesday Q&A/Wisdom Gym sessions.

Q&As: Every two weeks you can submit questions and join our guest Q&A with one of the interviewees from our films (past guests include Jordan Hall, Nora Bateson, John Vervaeke, Douglas Rushkoff, Jamie Wheal & Iain McGilchrist).

Wisdom Gym: a fortnightly call where we learn and practice some of the skills and practices we talk about on the channel, with some of the biggest names in facilitation, future confirmed guests include Gabor Mate and Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing).

In addition to the rewards of the previous levels you will:

  • Get 25% off any Rebel Wisdom Online Course (immediate benefit of nearly $100).
  • Join the weekly calls, and ask questions of amazing interviewees like Jamie Wheal, John Vervaeke, Nora Bateson and others.
  • Access to the Wisdom Gym, where we practice the skills of sovereignty and sensemaking that we talk about on the channel, with some of the most high profile names in the field.
  • Notification of Early Bird tickets for major Rebel Wisdom events such as the Summits & Festivals. 

Sign up for email updates:

You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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