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A free, participatory online experience exploring the current state of our information landscape, and experimenting with practices that help us make sense together.











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The Experience 

The State of Sensemaking is free online event where we'll be exploring the current cultural and information landscape, finding new ways to make sense together and take meaningful action. The pandemic has made our problems of sensemaking worse, adding a level of life and death importance to finding and acting on reliable information. We are lost in echo chambers, manipulated by narrative warfare and the hacking of our attention by the big tech platforms. We believe the problem of sensemaking is right at the core of many of the issues we're facing. We can't begin to solve our problems if we can't agree what they are and have no shared sense of reality.

Making sense isn't a skill we pick up and then apply - it's an ongoing, dynamic process. That's why we've designed this event as an immersive, participatory experience. It's a place to find the others and have authentic conversations. A space to experiment with cutting-edge practices and cognitive tools that help us navigate the weirdness and complexity of 2021.

Featuring talks and dialogues by some of the most brilliant voices we’ve featured on the channel, and practice sessions from the best facilitators we've come across, we'll be looking at the current state of sensemaking from multiple angles. How can we discern truth from fiction online? What theoretical frames are most helpful right now, and what's the relationship between the meta-crisis, the meaning crisis and the culture wars? How do we apply inner development practices to increase our agency so that we can harness the power of our collective intelligence?

We’ll be announcing more speakers and facilitators very soon - sign up above to register and stay updated. 

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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