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A free, interactive online event on Sunday, 5th April. Join some of the world's brightest minds and most talented facilitators. Connect with others, increase your resilience and sharpen your sensemaking in response to the crisis.

The event is now full, thank you for your interest!

What to Expect

Rebel Wisdom was founded on the conviction that we are living through a civilisational-level crisis of ideas as our old operating systems break down.

We believe the medical and financial crisis we’re experiencing is just the beginning of an unfolding meta-crisis, that is only going to accelerate over the next months and years. We are living through a time of unprecedented change, danger, tragedy and opportunity.

To become more resilient in the face of this change, we first need to be able to make sense of what's going on. That's why we've invited some of the brightest sensemakers and change-makers we've had on the channel to speak at this event.

As well as improving our sensemaking, we need to learn how to meet uncertainty and relate to one another while under pressure. This includes learning how to know ourselves and our environment through mindfulness, coming into our bodies through yoga and martial arts, learning how to regulate our nervous systems with our breath, and experimenting with new ways of relating.

We've spent the last two years making films and running events to showcase the most rebellious minds, ideas and practices in the world, in the hope of mapping out routes like these toward a new operating system, for individuals and culture.

This crisis has made real many of the issues we've been exploring; from the systemic fragility of our institutions to the need for paradigms that can embrace complexity in almost every area of life. To meet the challenges and come together in the ways we need to, we believe it's essential to create new intellectual frameworks, and combine them with ancient practices of connection, focus, resilience and transformation.

We'll make sense of the unfolding crisis with the help of Jamie Wheal, Diane Musho Hamilton, David Fuller & Alexander Beiner. We'll learn how to create anti-fragile communities and networks from Sara Ness and Rich Bartlett, and learn tips for personal resilience practices from a whole team of world-class facilitators (see full bios below).

The day will begin at 2:30pm BST / 9:30am ET / 6:30am PT and end at 10pm BST / 5pm ET / 2pm PT. Detailed schedule coming soon - the talks and framing of the day will be from 2:30pm BST until 6:00pm BST, after which you'll have a choice of different workshops on offer. 

We are running the event for free and will not take any profit from it. If you are in a financial position to do so, we ask that you consider donating - we will use the money generated to pay our facilitators - many of whom rely on face-to-face retreats that aren't possible right now - as well as covering a small amount of hosting and logistics costs. You can donate via DonorBox or on the PayPal button at the end of this section.

To access this event, please register on the form below and press 'Join'. You will be added to the Rebel Wisdom mailing list to receive more information, including Zoom links and a schedule of the day.  

The event is now full, thank you for your interest!

Sensemakers & Resilience Builders

Jamie Wheal is the world's foremost expert on group flow and transformation. He is also an experienced mountain guide and will share tips for understanding the crisis, and personal and group resilience.

Check out: Hacking Collective Intelligence

Jamie Wheal

Diane Musho Hamilton is a Zen Master and experienced mediator, recognised as one of the world's experts in conflict resolution and inner strength. She will be leading a session on relationships and stress.

Check out: Resilience in Time of Crisis

Diane Musho Hamilton

Rafia Morgan is a leading transformational facilitator, creator of Path Retreats and mentor to Rebel Wisdom. He will lead sessions on individual sovereignty and resilience.

Check out: Sovereignty & Autonomy, Rafia Morgan

Rafia Morgan

Sara Ness is a facilitator and community organiser, an expert in creating resilient communities to deal with difficult situations. She is the creator of Authentic Revolution.

Check out: Resilience in Time of Crisis

Sara Ness

Chris Crudelli is a martial artist, television presenter and author. He is best known as the host of BBC television programmes about the martial arts of far eastern countries, Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves.

Chris Crudelli

Nicola Price is a talented breathworker, the creator of Inspirational Breathing, where she teaches people to use the power of the breath to transform their health, happiness and resilience.

Nicola Price

Carl Faure is a master yoga teacher and creator of the Stretch yoga community in East London. A former DJ and music producer, he now dedicates his life to helping others transform their lives.

Carl Faure

Tom Morley is a drummer and teambuilder. One-time rockstar member of the band Scritti Politti, he now uses his skills to create instant connection and teamwork.


Rich Bartlett is a writer and community builder. He specialises in helping people form effective teams, build resilient communities and decentralised organisations.

Richard Bartlett

Trish Blain is a facilitator and expert in nonordinary skills and states of consciousness. She is passionate about helping change-makers amplify their impact by aligning with life and each other.

trish Blain

Alexander Beiner is the co-founder of Rebel Wisdom and leads on written content and live events. A meditation teacher and trained counsellor, he is passionate about personal transformation and cultural change.

Alexander Beiner

David Fuller is the founder of Rebel Wisdom. A journalist and filmmaker with the BBC, he also trained as a counsellor and facilitator, and created the Rebel Wisdom media channel in 2018 to bring a deeper level of insight to culture and sensemaking.


Resilience & Sensemaking Resources 

A Guide to Inquiry

Sovereignty Meditation

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