We believe true knowledge is accessed

through the body as well as the mind.


For our embodied work we are supported by one of the world’s most experienced facilitators, Rafia Morgan. For much of the intellectual content, we are indebted to the psychologist and philosopher Jordan Peterson, and his inspiring analysis of the great thinkers of the past.

Rafia Morgan is Rebel Wisdom’s inspiration and mentor. One of the world’s most experienced facilitators, he is the creator of dozens of processes such as Inner Man, Inner Woman, Path Retreats and Working With People.

Jordan Peterson is fast becoming one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals. A psychologist and philosopher from Toronto, Canada, he combines the deep understanding of the individual human psyche of his clinical work with people, with an appreciation for the existential questions of human life, as reflected through the great thinkers of the past such as Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche. Blogpost introduction to him here.

Over the last few months we have become convinced that his work is nothing less than a heroic attempt to completely articulate the deep mythological substructure of western culture, and ground it in the latest understandings of neuroscience and psychology.

He talks often about how young men are particularly responsive to his message of personal responsibility and integration of the ‘shadow’.

“You can’t have the conversation about rights without the conversation about responsibility because your rights are my responsibility … and then the question is what are you leaving out if you’re leaving out responsibility. And the answer might be well maybe you’re leaving out the meaning of life.”