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Since the birth of Rebel Wisdom, we've been asking what it takes to thrive in the chaos of the times. One thing we've learned is that traditional thinking won't cut it. It's time to shake things up and experiment with radically new ways of making sense. But they aren't easy to find. They're hidden in the relations between things, in ancient wisdom and theories forged at the edge of the conversation. Now, we're inviting you on a shared journey to experience some of them first-hand in a process unlike anything we've created before.
  • Explore sensemaking techniques hidden in dialogue practices, ancient wisdom and new theories 
  • Practice Warm Data, Aboriginal memory techniques, Emergent Dialogue, Jazz for Group Flow & Psychedelic Sensemaking
  • Experiment and craft your own process
  • Apply what you learn to meaningful action in your life and projects
  • A unique hybrid process: connect with others online, or meet up in-person
  • An immersive journey with live tuition from a world-class faculty, work in small groups and live practice sessions 
  • A written travel guide including key theories, reading lists and exercises
  • Access to exclusive films with faculty


Deep Dive: September 11 & 12 (3:00pm UK / 10:00am US East / 7am US West) 
Practice Sessions: September 16, 23, 30 and 7 October


Read about our unique pricing structure, and how you can save by meeting up in-person here.



Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson is a systems theorist and President of the International Bateson Institute. A writer, filmmaker and the daughter of celebrated anthropologist Gregory Bateson, she’s the brains behind a new way of understanding complexity: Warm Data. 

Warm Data is a technique designed to uncover how information changes across contexts. It’s based on the insight that our attempts to make sense of reality - a deeply contextual, ecological whole - have parsed into alienated components, neglecting the complexity that enables its true function and meaning.

Nora Bateson

Dr. Tyson Yunkaporta

Tyson Yunkaporta is decoding indigenous wisdom and applying it to complexity, systems thinking and sociology. An academic and critic, he's is a member of the Apalech Clan and the recent author of 'Sand Talk', a pioneering book that reveals the essential insights present in Aboriginal knowledge systems.

His research on Aboriginal memory techniques, haptic cognition and reverse anthropology offer a rebellious approach to reframing Western thought systems by combining them with alternative perspectives.

Tyson Yunkaporta

Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas is a jazz musician, Integral theorist, CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project, and the innovator of ‘cultural intelligence’: a new frame that helps people navigate the complexity of diverse tribes that make up the modern identity landscape by focusing on values, flow and integral thinking.

Thomas' work uses the idiom of the Blues - the spiritual soundtrack to African-American experience, the building block of modern rock - as a powerful route to collective intelligence and group flow.

Greg Thomas

Pamela von Sabljar

Talk to someone, really talk to them, and you notice something: that there’s an emergence. There’s information encoded in the relationship, and it becomes known with enough care and attention. Pamela von Sabljar,  a global speaker and facilitator, has spent her career understanding how we can create the right conditions for this kind of dialogue. 

Her work provides a framework for collective sensemaking in which considered conversation enables a greater presence and deeper sense of meaning.

Pamela von Sabljar

Alexander Beiner

Alexander is co-founder of Rebel Wisdom as well as a mindfulness instructor, Holistic Counsellor and facilitator. After learning from some of the leading minds in the 'sensemaking space' for several years and commenting on cultural developments, he became inspired to design 'Hidden Ways of Knowing' to bring together the theories, perspectives and practices that are often left out of the conversation - but that may be essential for making sense of the world.

Alexander Beiner

More to Come...

Why We Created This Experience

The world is a tapestry of interdependent systems. They can be as small as our own families, as large as a society or as encompassing as the biosphere. As our environment grows increasingly complex and our existential risks increase, making sense of how these systems evolve, adapt and change is becoming an essential human skill. 

Usually, getting to grips with the complexity of culture and systems is a process of diving into models and theories. And while theories are important, they can only take us so far: the map is not the territory. The territory is unpredictable. It's chaotic and dangerous. And if we want to adapt and thrive, we need to learn how to lean into the uncertainty and weirdness of the times. That means learning how to think flexibly and hold multiple perspectives at once. Cognitive flexbility is now an essential skill, because as Nora Bateson points out, systems are like organisms; evolving, learning and growing while we're trying to make sense of them. 

In Sensemaking from the Edge, we'll be getting our hands dirty. Playing and inquiring as we expand our perspective to see more of the patterns hidden in the world around us. In the process, we're bringing together some of the most rebellious voices in the study of systems, culture and complexity with theories and practices that have never been combined.

What You'll Learn

Explore the practice of Warm Data, which helps us perceive how information changes across contexts. Learn how wisdom encoded in indigenous knowledge provides a radical new way of understanding complex systems. Drop into an Emergent Dialogue, which opens our eyes to unspoken patterns that arise when we make sense together. Listen to the wisdom of the Blues and gain a new lens on dynamics around identity, culture and race. 

As well as these practices, you'll also gain a theoretical scaffolding to help you apply them to meaningful action in your life and projects. But it’s up to you to decide what that looks like. 

You might be inspired by Tyson Yunkaporta to practice an Aboriginal memory technique shown to be more effective than the famous 'Memory Palace' method in a recent study. Or explore the concept of haptic cognition by storing information into an object you craft by hand. Perhaps you'll decide to apply Nora Bateson's Warm Data practice to a specific project and get to grips with the theory behind it. Or if that isn't your style, you could immerse yourself in music and the Black American intellectual tradition with Greg Thomas to see how aesthetics and history jam together to build culture.

Every week, we'll have a live session hosted by Pamela von Sabljar where the whole group will be able to practice emergent dialogue to make sense together. You’ll also have the opportunity to work in a smaller ‘pod’ or three other participants (in person or online) to compare notes, experiment with practices and support one another. 

How it Works

The structure of the course is a weekend retreat hosted online, followed by four online practice sessions. But there's a twist - you can either tune in solo and join a pod of others online, or meet up with others in real life to do the weekend retreat and / or the practice sessions together. 

Having run transformative in-person retreats as well as online courses, we've seen how profound both can be. Online courses allow us to connect with people from around the world, remove the travel barrier so we can learn from world-class faculty, and create authentic connections that can have a big impact our lives. At the same time, there's no denying that real-world contact is irreplacable. That's why we're experimenting with combining the best of both worlds.

The Online Experience

We've designed Sensemaking from the Edge as a hybrid experience for everyone. Without giving too much away, parts of the process will see us stepping away from our screens to go outside, connected online but very much present in the world and with each other.

Even if you aren't meeting up with others, you'll still have an immersive experience and work in small groups of others around the world. We also encourage you to carve out some time just for you on the weekend - making sure you aren't disturbed and have space to reflect. In short, treat it like a two day weekend away, even if you're staying in your bedroom. 

The In-Person Experience

For an even deeper level of immersion, you also have the option to go through the process with a group of others in real life. It could be a friend, people you've been hanging out with in the Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire, or another platform. All you need is to do is agree a place to meet. One person might host in their home, a co-working space, or you could even rent an Airbnb for the weekend - we leave that up to you. In the process, you'll also save up to 60% on your ticket. We're also looking at ways to connect people in the same area who book solo but want to link up in person - please get in touch if that's of interest.

If you're in the UK, Rebel Wisdom is hosting the experience in a venue in London. To join us there, just book a single ticket and tick the appropriate box.

We also have a limited number of concession places available which you can apply for here. All the practices and exercises in Sensemaking from the Edge have been designed to work just as well in person as online. If you are meeting up in person, you'll also receive an additional guide to help you with logistics, timings and processes.


Day 1 - The Edge of Culture with Greg Thomas & Pamela von Sabljar

11 September, 2021

We will begin the process by connecting as a group - both online and in person - and getting a sense of what's ahead across the weekend and the practice sessions.

Alexander Beiner will frame how the process brings together many of the ideas we've explored on Rebel Wisdom, and why the concepts and capacities we'll be exploring matter right now. 

We'll then go into a session hosted by Pamela von Sabljar who will help us practice emergent dialogue, which we'll be using throughout the process to make sense together.

Greg Thomas will follow by introducing us to the concept of Cultural Intelligence, an integrally-informed method of navigating the complex convesation around identity, race and culture that often overwhelms convesations around systems change. We'll also learn how Blues and Jazz - key components of the Black American experience - can be used as a powerful and effective metaphor for collective intelligence and group flow.  

Day 2 - The Edge of Complexity with Nora Bateson & Tyson Yunkaporta

12 September, 2021

Having gained a grounding in how to navigate different aspects of culture, we'll zoom out further and look at the way complex systems emerge, learn and evolve. 

Tyson Yunkaporta will give us a deep dive into some of the key ideas in his seminal book 'Sand Talk' and explore how indigenous knowledge systems approach complexity and what it means to integrate their wisdom. He'll also introduce an Aboriginal memory technique which has been shown in a recent study to be more effective than the famous 'Memory Palace' method used by memory champions.

Nora Bateson will give us a grounding in complexity theory, cybernetics, theories of systems change and other key models. Then, we'll practice Warm Data Lab, having a lived experience of inquiring into how data changes across contexts, and what happens when we approach complexity with an open-minded, receptive and intuitive state of mind.

Practice Session One with Alexander Beiner & Pamela von Sabljar

16 September, 2021

These sessions are a chance to go into a deeper inquiry around your self-directed learning using the Travel Guide (a written guide with further reading, exercises and more), exclusive films and more. 

Alexander Beiner will frame the ideas we're exploring in a wider context, and Pamela von Sabljar will host an emergent dialogue process to help us uncover insights we can't find alone.

Practice Session Two with Pamela von Sabljar

23 September, 2021

These sessions are a chance to go into a deeper inquiry around your self-directed learning using the Travel Guide, films and exercises. 

Pamela von Sabljar will host an emergent dialogue process to help us uncover insights we can't find alone.

Practice Session Three with Pamela von Sabljar

30 September, 2021

These sessions are a chance to go into a deeper inquiry around your self-directed learning using the workbook, films and exercises. 

Pamela von Sabljar will host an emergent dialogue process to help us uncover insights we can't find alone.

Practice Session Four with Alexander Beiner & Pamela von Sabljar

7 October, 2021

These sessions are a chance to go into a deeper inquiry around your self-directed learning using the Travel Guide, films and exercises. 

In this final session, we will integrate what we've learned and collectively explore next steps before drawing the process to a close.

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