We’re usually familiar with our own way of thinking, how we make sense of reality and what we value. A festival is an opportunity to explore new perspectives. When we do, we uncover new insights, new ways of knowing and new aspects of ourselves.

Throughout the Rebel Wisdom Festival, we encourage you to experiment with different ways of seeing the world and yourself. We’ve created a list of archetypes (symbols that represent different ways of being) to help you do this. Some of them may be familiar and comfortable, others less so. We invite you to try on different archetypes throughout the festival and play with what it’s like to connect with the world and others through a different set of eyes. If one of them calls to you, you can use it as your Zoom profile picture. Change it throughout the two days as much as you like. It lets others know what archetype you’re currently playing with, and vice versa. 

Hover over the image to get a short description and press ‘Choose’ if you like the sound of it, then save it to your device and set it as your Zoom profile picture. You can also find all of the files in Meeting Pulse. Have fun!

The Investigator

The Investigator stands back and looks into complexity from a distance. They are searching for the threads that weave it together. They are methodical, using their intellect to uncover underlying patterns and hidden connections to see the bigger picture.


The Learner makes sense of reality through their intuition first, and then examines what they find with their intellect. They wade into complexity with their hearts open, staying curious, riding the wave of uncertainty toward a deeper understanding.


The Map Maker makes sense of reality through action. They build maps to make what was chaotic and complex understandable. They select the most important information from complexity, put it in the right order and create maps to plot a course toward clarity.


The Adventurer is on a quest to find the truth. They rely on their intelligence, wits and organisational skills to explore the landscape of meaning. No cave is too deep, no ocean too wide.  


The Connector believes that the most profound meaning is found when we’re connecting with one another. They know how to bring people together, how to listen deeply and how to feel into what’s emerging when we have a real dialogue.


The Artist’s role is to drink deeply from the well of collective meaning and craft something from it. They use their skill and ability to make meaning manifest so that it can be shared, critiqued and revised – and they don’t mind ruffling feathers in the process.


The planner looks to the horizon and uses their head to figure out how to get there. They see many paths, and they have an intuitive understanding of where each might lead. From this, they make a plan to reach the future, knowing they might need to revise it as new information comes to light.


The Visionary sees what the future could be and shares their vision with the world. It might seem far-fetched, unlikely or downright crazy, but that won’t deter them. They see things others don’t, and feel the future’s potential on a visceral level.  


The Reformer sees the potential of a better future and focuses on action in the present to get there. They look at the landscape around them and find ways to change it practically, building a new future one brick at a time.


The Deep Coder is interested in the underlying structure of reality. Whether it’s culture, a cell or a complex system, they are essentialists who want to understand the DNA of everything.



Technology is the defining feature of our age. It has the power to make or break us, and the Technologist understands that it’s the place we need to look if we want to make sense and change the future.



The Firecracker wants to launch first, ask questions later. Tired of all the intellectual back and forth, they want less talk, more action. They’re excited, energised and full of fire to get shit done.

The master of caution

The Master of Caution knows the value of slowing down; of taking time to consider, explore every possibility and come to a reasoned conclusion. 90% of problem solving is framing the problem, and that takes time.

The balancer


The Balancer understands that at a fundamental level, the universe is a play of opposites. Male/Female. Up/Down. Hot/Cold. Truth lies in finding the balance in all things, no matter how complex they may at first appear.