All the arrayed forces of the sensemaking crisis, cancel culture, censorship and the ethical dilemmas of truth seeking seem now to be focused on one man, the podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan.

These questions were already brought into a heightened focus by the pandemic, and the question of accurate medical information or misinformation taking on a life or death importance. It was into that context that Rogan stepped a few weeks ago with two interviews with highly controversial medical figures, Peter McCullough and Robert Malone.

The medical question is the key one, and taps into all of the key questions about the warping of the information landscape that Rebel Wisdom has been focused on for the last few years, and it’s this aspect that we recorded a conversation with the doctor and podcaster Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD).

This conversation was recorded before the recent “n-word” controversy erupted around Rogan.