Why does our response to Covid seem perfectly calibrated to create maximum division and disagreement? How has it made the problems of sensemaking so much worse and dragged us all into it?

BJ Campbell is the creator of the Handwaving Freakoutery blog, focused on the crisis of finding truth, or Sensemaking.

In this conversation with David Fuller he explains his perspective on how the nature of social media has created hive minds, or ‘Egregores’ that are competing for space in the attention economy.

Rebel Wisdom is running our groundbreaking Sensemaking 101 course again in February 2022, with practices and techniques for better sensemaking, and live sessions from faculty including John Vervaeke, Diane Musho Hamilton, Sara Ness & Daniel Schmachtenberger.

See more here: https://rebelwisdom.co.uk/courses/sensemaking-101-page