Gillette’s newest ad, ‘The Best a Man Can Be’, has created a social media firestorm in the last few days. We sat down to discuss the reaction, the cultural context behind it and our response to the ad. Drawing on our interviews with Warren Farrell, Cassie Jaye and our experience leading men’s retreats, we ask whether the ad is helping men or toxic in and of itself.

We recently had an article in the Guardian about our men’s retreats:

Our retreats:

Gillette ‘The Best a Man Can Be’:

Article by Fernando Desouches, MD of New Macho (

Warren Farrell ,’Men Have to Speak Up!’:

Warren Farrell, ‘Men and Women after #metoo’:

‘Men and Women after #metoo – A New Conversation’:

APA masculinity guidelines:

APA’s clarification on masculinity guidelines:

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