Jordan Peterson has become one of the polarising public figures in the world, especially to those on the left of the political spectrum. But especially given that the left seems to be losing ground around the world, is there something that people on the left can learn from him? And how can we even have that conversation in a hot tempered political climate that seemed fuelled by the need to cast instant judgement on people and ideas.

Is the left ready to have the conversation, if not, why not?

Ronan Harrington is from a very progressive political culture, and released a film recently comparing Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand for his channel, Alter Ego. Film here:

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Ronan and David Fuller (Rebel Wisdom) discuss what is inspiring and challenging about Jordan Peterson, and try to unpack why the left seems to be in such crisis around the world.

He discusses with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller about what he finds challenging about Jordan Peterson.

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