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The State of Sensemaking, Rebel Wisdom Series

For years Rebel Wisdom has been focused on the problems of Sensemaking, how we find truth together. The pandemic has made all these problems worse.
We are lost in echo chambers, manipulated by narrative warfare and the hacking of our attention by the big tech platforms. The problem of Sensemaking is right at the core of all our issues, because how can we begin to solve our problems if we can't agree what they are, and have no shared sense of reality. In this new series Rebel Wisdom launches a deep dive into the state of Sensemaking in 2021.
Rebel Wisdom is running a major free online festival 'The State of Sensemaking' on September 25 & 26, where we will be hosting conversations to try to make sense of some of the most difficult cultural topics:
This film tells the journey of Rebel Wisdom so far, and contains clips from: 'The War on Sensemaking', Daniel Schmachtenberger:
'Making Sense of Sensemaking', Jordan Hall, Jamie Wheal & Daniel Schmachtenberger:
'Glitch in the Matrix, Jordan Peterson, the Mainstream Media and the Intellectual Dark Web':
'Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web', Eric Weinstein:
'The Intellectual Dark Web, An Integral Conversation?', Ken Wilber:
'Jordan Peterson and the Meaning Crisis', John Vervaeke:
'The Legacy of Integral', Jamie Wheal:
'The Age of Breach', Alexander Beiner:
We are also running our groundbreaking Sensemaking course again in October, check out the details here:


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