The women that went before us created the possibility for women to take up space in their own right. Now it is time to contemplate what we are doing with that space.

What is womanhood today? How can we be equal to men without becoming like them? How can we show up in the world in a impactful way, fully connected the wisdom of our bodies and psyches?


Women need the guidance of women to do this work. We need to show each other our light, and call each other on our shadows. Our gifts as well as our wounds are different from men’s, and we need to fully experience both to be able to carry ourselves powerfully in the world.

Embracing both is the Tao, the Path, that spiritual traditions speak about. It is walking the fine line that divides yin from yang, it is integrating our inner masculine and feminine (anima and animus) that the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung defined, so that we can meet our opposite in a clear, balanced, joyful polarity.

Only when we have done our inner work as women, we are free to honour, enjoy and co-create with the men around us.

As society we are at an evolutionary edge, facing an urgent need to change our values and raise our consciousness collectively.

We believe that an important key to bring about this change is to fill the space that the women before us opened, with the deep wisdom and connectedness to Life that is our feminine essence. We need to know our own power, our feminine essence, free of unhealthy projections and expectations to the masculine outside of us.

When we rest in a balanced, empowered feminine we can truly enter the alchemical dance of co-creation with the masculine that we’re longing for in our personal relationships, and which will equally facilitate the change in values and consciousness that is so desperately needed.