Deep Code: Jordan (Green)Hall Documentary

Sensemaking Jordan Hall If the next years are set to be some of the most challenging humanity has ever faced, how will we get through? Jordan Hall (formerly Greenhall) has a growing reputation as one of the most insightful cultural observers, explaining the ‘Deep Code’ of society and culture. In this definitive film, he explains […]

The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Polarisation Daniel Schmachtenberger What can we trust? Why is the ‘information ecology’ so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy? This is a fundamental question, because without good sensemaking, we cannot even begin to act in the world. It is also a central concern in what many are calling the “meaning […]

Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric Weinstein

Culture Wars Sensemaking Bret Weinstein Eric Weinstein Does the response to the Jeffrey Epstein story, and the tale of the broken mice mean that journalism is broken? Recently Bret and Eric Weinstein put out a hugely popular podcast about a scientific discovery that calls into question the entire process of drug safety (‘All Our Mice […]

The Story of Collapse, Daniel Thorson & Josh Fields

Sensemaking Technology Are we living at the best possible time to be alive, or is the world coming to an end? Or do both narratives have some truth at the same time? This is a discussion between Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller, Daniel Thorson from the Emerge podcast and Joshua Fields, the CEO of ‘Consciousness Hacking’ […]

What is Rebel Wisdom?

Culture Wars Sensemaking Polarisation What is Rebel Wisdom? (We’ve made a channel trailer!) When our existing assumptions and ways of thinking break down, it’s the rebels and the renegades, those who dare to think differently, who are needed to reboot the system. Rebel Wisdom is founded on the conviction that we are seeing a civilisational-level […]

The story of Rebel Wisdom – Emerge podcast

Sensemaking In this conversation with Daniel Thorson of Emerge, Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller explains the genesis of the channel, discusses Rebel Wisdom’s main influences and outlines the future of the project. Check out the Emerge Podcast for interviews with many top thinkers such as Jordan Greenhall & Daniel Schmachtenberger: Rebel Wisdom is a platform […]

A New Kind of Conversation, Rebel Wisdom Summit

Sensemaking Polarisation Wisdom *LAST MINUTE TICKETS AVAILABLE* – We have two last minute tickets for this sold out event: On Sunday May 12th, Rebel Wisdom is running our first Summit – with Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying, Iain McGilchrist and Jordan Greenhall. We are aiming to trial a new kind of participatory event and model […]

Rebel Wisdom Summit (short version)

Sensemaking Wisdom In these polarised, fractured times, what does a real conversation look like? One where people feel free to speak their minds, change their minds, and to create the possibility of something genuinely new emerging. How do we discuss ideas and disagree with one another in a way that leads somewhere new, rather than […]

Future Thinkers & Rebel Wisdom

Sensemaking Wisdom Both Future Thinkers and Rebel Wisdom have been following the thread of the emergent intellectual awakening online, and interviewing many of the same people. Where is this conversation going? What is the Intellectual Deep Web? This will also be available as a podcast on Future Thinkers. Check out their brilliant interviews here: […]

What is Emerging? Dialogue with Future Thinkers & Emerge

Culture Wars Sensemaking Polarisation Rebel Wisdom, the Future Thinkers podcast and the Emerge podcast have all been following the threads of an emergent conversation online, interviewing many of the same people and seeing how their ideas connect. At the Emerge gathering in Kiev, Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller, Mike Gilliland of the Future Thinkers and Daniel […]