London Real/David Icke, Investigation Update

Pandemic Conspiracy This is a short update to the recent ‘David Icke & London Real, an Investigation’: The livestream of David Icke on the London Real platform happened on Sunday 3rd. This is an update on what happened before and after the livestream, focusing on Brian Rose of London Real, and the bigger issues […]

Why was David Icke banned from YouTube now?

Pandemic Conspiracy A few hours ago, Rebel Wisdom published an investigation into London Real’s ‘Digital Freedom Platform’, a crowdfunder that has raised nearly $1m to pay to stream content banned by the major tech platforms. We asked why many of the claims about the platform fail to add up. At around the same time, YouTube […]

David Icke & London Real, an Investigation

Pandemic Conspiracy On 6th April, London Real broadcast an interview with ‘conspiracy researcher’ David Icke. In it he claimed that Covid-19 was “a hoax” and that 5G was designed for a “mass cull”. YouTube took it down. In the wake of this the owner of London Real, Brian Rose launched a crowdfunding campaign for what […]

Rogan, CNN & Heterodox Thinking, Zubin Damania

Pandemic The pandemic has stress tested all our institutions, especially those we have relied on for truth seeking and sensemaking. It’s deepened the chasm between mainstream and alternative, consensus and contrarian. A couple of days ago the most popular alternative media personality in the world, Joe Rogan, hosted mainstream CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta for […]

The Man Who Missed the Pandemic, Daniel Thorson

Pandemic Wisdom Just as the Covid pandemic was starting to transform our lives, Daniel Thorson, the creator of the Emerge podcast, started a 75 day silent retreat in rural Vermont. He emerged into a different world, and straight into a media storm, starting in the pages of the New York Times and continuing with interviews […]

Myth, Wisdom & Pandemic, Stephen Jenkinson, Zak Stein & Charlotte Du Cann

Pandemic Over the last month, Rebel Wisdom has been interviewing some of the brightest minds in systems change and complexity to make sense of the crisis and possible responses to it. One thing that has emerged in these conversations is the importance of understanding myth and stories to contextualise what we’re experiencing. Rebel Wisdom’s Alexander […]

Conspiracy, Sensemaking & Truth. An Inquiry

Sensemaking Pandemic Conspiracy How can we make sense of the enormous changes going on in the landscape right now, as the growing crisis uproots everything we thought we knew. Rebel Wisdom recently brought out a series of films about conspiracy and sensemaking, around the recent David Icke interviews on the channel London Real. They caused […]

War on Sensemaking 4: Pandemic & Conspiracy, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Pandemic Daniel Schmachtenberger In the popular film War on Sensemaking, existential risk analyst Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out how the information ecology was fundamentally broken. The pandemic crisis has brought many of those concerns into sharp focus. In this follow up, he looks at misinformation, conspiracy theories and government narratives, and asks, what can we […]

Conspiracy & Pandemic, with John Vervaeke, Carl Miller & Jules Evans

Pandemic Conspiracy John Vervaeke The pandemic crisis has created what researcher Carl Miller has called the “biggest moment for conspiracy narratives in history”. What draws us to them, and why do they inspire such passion and certainty? In this film, Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller talks to psychology professor John Vervaeke, philosophy author Jules Evans and […]

Trust, truth and media in the pandemic, Douglas Murray

Culture Wars Sensemaking Pandemic In the middle of this ongoing crisis – the question of who to trust, how to find truth, censorship and free speech are coming centre stage. Douglas Murray is a the associate editor of the Spectator, and the author of the bestselling books the strange death of europe and the recent […]