The Legacy of Integral, Rebel Wisdom Podcast

Integral Wisdom Jamie Wheal Rebel Wisdom recently released a series of films with the philosopher Ken Wilber, creator of Integral theory, a ‘theory of everything’, which became highly influential in the 1990s and 2000s. In this Rebel Wisdom podcast, we look at what Integral has to add to the new emergent conversation. It accompanies our […]

Recapture the Rapture, Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal In the face of multiple existential threats, and a pervasive crisis of meaning, how can we reconnect to our deepest purpose and what techniques and practices can help us reboot. J amie Wheal is launching his new book, Recapture the Rapture, based on three principles: Choose Your Own Apocalypse, The Alchemist’s Cookbook and […]

The Rise of Psychedelic Capitalism

Psychedelics Jamie Wheal Psychedelics are going mainstream. With landmark studies in the last decade showing their incredible potential in treating serious mental health conditions, 2020 saw a goldrush of investment. But what are the implications as psychedelics move from the counterculture to the boardroom? In this short documentary, Alexander Beiner speaks to leading experts in the field […]

The Psychedelics Series, Rebel Wisdom Podcast

Jamie Wheal This is the first of a series of four films by Rebel Wisdom on the psychedelic renaissance. In this, Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller & Alexander Beiner explain why they believe the subject is so important, and how it relates to the meaning crisis. The other films in the series are: ‘Is the Psychedelic […]

Is the Psychedelic Renaissance Doomed? Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal Jamie Wheal documented the new psychedelic renaissance in his bestselling book ‘Stealing Fire’, where he talked about the transformative potential of flow states and psychedelics. Since then he has become increasingly concerned and disillusioned with the direction of the psychedelic renaissance. This is one of a series of films by Rebel Wisdom on […]

How to steal fire from the Gods’ with Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal Jamie Wheal is one of the world’s foremost experts on creating profound personal transformation with ecstatic flow states. What are the rewards and challenges of playing with fire in this way. Jamie Wheal is a leading expert on the neuro-physiology of human performance, author of Stealing Fire, and head of the Flow Genome […]

Collective Sensemaking in an Age of Existential Risk, Jamie Wheal

Sensemaking Jamie Wheal This is a film from the workshop with Jamie Wheal, held in London in October 2019 on the subject of how to make sense of the world in the light of ever increasing existential risks. This was a Rebel Wisdom Member Only film, and we are now making it live on the […]

War on Sensemaking 3, the Infinite Game: Jamie Wheal

Sensemaking Jamie Wheal How do we play the Infinite Game? And how will that help us make sense of a world in chaos? In the hit film ‘War on Sensemaking’, Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out how the information ecology was profoundly broken, and how impossible it was to act if we didn’t know what was true. […]

Hacking Collective Intelligence, Jamie Wheal

Collective Intelligence Jamie Wheal How can we make sense of the world together, and what stops us from doing so? Many of the thinkers we’ve interviewed on Rebel Wisdom talk about the importance of creating coherent sensemaking – or ‘collective intelligence’. Jamie Wheal is one of the world’s top experts on flow, the author of […]

Collective Intelligence Series: Introduction

Collective Intelligence Jamie Wheal Jordan Hall Daniel Schmachtenberger For the last 18 months, Rebel Wisdom has been seeking out the most advanced, essential and rebellious thinkers and tracking an online ‘intellectual awakening’. Many of these thinkers have independently come to the conclusion that a new form of collective intelligence is required to move forward. But […]