The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Polarisation Daniel Schmachtenberger What can we trust? Why is the ‘information ecology’ so damaged, and what would it take to make it healthy? This is a fundamental question, because without good sensemaking, we cannot even begin to act in the world. It is also a central concern in what many are calling the “meaning […]

Humanity’s Phase Shift’, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Daniel Schmachtenberger Daniel Schmachtenberger is a founding member of The Consilience Project. This conversation with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom looks at the growing civilisation-level crisis that we are beginning to see around us, and looks at what a genuine ‘phase shift’ for human progress might look like. Rebel Wisdom is a platform for […]

Collective Intelligence Series: Introduction

Collective Intelligence Jamie Wheal Jordan Hall Daniel Schmachtenberger For the last 18 months, Rebel Wisdom has been seeking out the most advanced, essential and rebellious thinkers and tracking an online ‘intellectual awakening’. Many of these thinkers have independently come to the conclusion that a new form of collective intelligence is required to move forward. But […]

War on Sensemaking 4: Pandemic & Conspiracy, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Pandemic Daniel Schmachtenberger In the popular film War on Sensemaking, existential risk analyst Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out how the information ecology was fundamentally broken. The pandemic crisis has brought many of those concerns into sharp focus. In this follow up, he looks at misinformation, conspiracy theories and government narratives, and asks, what can we […]

Rule Delta? Response to War on Sensemaking

Sensemaking Polarisation Daniel Schmachtenberger In the recent hit War on Sensemaking series, Daniel Schmachtenberger talked about how the ‘information ecology’ was so damaged, and what we might do about it. He discussed protocols such as ‘Rule Omega’: In this short clip Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller and Alexander Beiner propose a ‘Rule Delta’ for interpersonal […]

War on Sensemaking II, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Daniel Schmachtenberger In War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out why the ‘information ecology’ was so broken. It was a hugely popular film, with over 125,000 views in a month. In this sequel he talks about how information is weaponised by all sides, and how to survive in an environment where nothing can be […]

Making Sense of Sensemaking: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall

Sensemaking Jamie Wheal Jordan Hall Daniel Schmachtenberger This three-way emergent conversation is unlike anything we’ve released before. It features three of the world’s foremost systems thinkers and futurists – Jordan Hall, Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jamie Wheal – and has been by far our most popular members-only film. We’re now releasing it on the main channel […]

War on Sensemaking V, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Polarisation Daniel Schmachtenberger The increasing inability to make sense of the world is an existential problem, what might we be able to do to fix it? The original War on Sensemaking film was a viral hit. In the time since then Daniel Schmachtenberger has been thinking hard about how deep the problem goes and what […]

What the F**k Do We Do? Sensemaking & Tribalism

Sensemaking Polarisation Jamie Wheal Daniel Schmachtenberger Rebel Wisdom’s Sensemaking Series is all about the problem of Truth in the digital age. This film looks at how the alternative media creates and enforces tribal boundaries, and argues that some kind of mediation is needed to tackle the spiral of polarisation and division. The first film ‘What […]

Making Sense of the Downward Spiral, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Sensemaking Daniel Schmachtenberger America’s cities are ablaze with rioting after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This comes in the heightened tensions of the coronavirus crisis. How can we make sense of this spiral of polarisation, and are bad actors taking advantage of the situation? This conversation with social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger concluded the […]