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Our ‘Digital Campfire’ is Rebel Wisdom’s online meeting place. It’s where we come together to take part in live interviews, talk about ideas and learn skills from some of the world’s best teachers and facilitators.

As a member, you can join the conversation in live Q&A’s with our guests, watch exclusive content, join our regular AMAs or work with some of the world’s best facilitators in our Wisdom Gym.

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We host memberships through Patreon, where you’ll find all our exclusive member films and get access to the Campfire events.

The Rebel Wisdom Digital Campfire

The Digital Campfire is a place to connect face to face, to ask questions to our brilliant interviewees and participate in regular sessions like our Sensemaker Showcase, as well as the Rebel Wisdom Book Club, Skills Academy and Philosophical Journey sessions. You can also get access to regular classes led by world-class facilitators in our Wisdom Gym. You can see full details of what’s on here.

All members can find a library of exclusive video content, skills sessions, Q&As and much more on our member platform. All members can also join the monthly Campfire Gathering hosted by David Fuller and Alexander Beiner.

For Explorers, the regular calls include Philosophical Journeys and the Rebel Wisdom Book Club and also the regular Academy Skills practice sessions with top facilitators.

Sensemaker members can join all our sessions, including the flagship Sensemaker Showcase sessions that are recorded and appear on our YouTube channel. These are regular interviews and Q&As with the stars of our films. Sensemakers are also able to join our Wisdom Gym, where they can learn new techniques and practices from some of the world’s leading facilitators.

Most sessions are at either 6pm or 8pm UK (1pm or 3pm EST / 10am or 12pm PST), with the occasional regular session timed for the Australian/US audience.

Gift Memberships

Wise Rebel


Wise Rebels can join our monthly AMA calls, can get early access to the recordings of all Digital Campfire sessions, including member-only recordings, and all the sessions from our flagship Rebel Wisdom Festivals. 

  • Join our monthly AMA sessions where they can ask questions to David Fuller and Alexander Beiner.
  • Access to all the exclusive Rebel Wisdom content for Members only, and preview access to other content before it is made public.
  • Access to the videos for our ‘Rebel Wisdom Live’ events – including our big online festival in May.
  • Access to the recordings of our past Q&A’s with interviewees like Jamie Wheal, John Vervaeke and others (see ‘Sensemakers’ below for details).

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Rebel Wisdom Sensemaker


Becoming a Rebel Wisdom Sensemaker gives you a hefty 25% discount on our flagship courses, along with access to all our calls, including the regular Showcase discussions that go out on the channel, and the premium Wisdom Gym sessions with the world’s best facilitators.

Once a week or so we run our flagship Sensemaker Showcase calls. Sensemakers can submit questions and join the call with our top interviewees (past guests include Jordan Hall, Nora Bateson, John Vervaeke, Ayishat Akanbi, Douglas Rushkoff, Jamie Wheal & Iain McGilchrist).

Every month we run our Wisdom Gym, where we learn and practice some of the skills and practices we talk about on the channel, with some of the biggest names in facilitation, guests have included Gabor Mate and Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing).

In addition to the rewards of the previous levels you will:

  • Get 25% off Sensemaking 101 and 15% off our newest course ‘Hidden Ways of Knowing’
  • Join the weekly Showcase calls, and ask questions of amazing interviewees like Jamie Wheal, John Vervaeke, Nora Bateson and others.
  • Access the Wisdom Gym, where we practice the skills of sovereignty and sensemaking that we talk about on the channel, with some of the world’s best facilitators and teachers.
  • Get notification of Early Bird tickets for major Rebel Wisdom events such as the Summits & Festivals. 

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