For five years, Rebel Wisdom has been bringing together rebellious thinkers, powerful ideas and transformative practices to find a path through the chaos of the times. The world has changed since we began, and we now believe it’s a time for synthesis, not rebellion. 

The Rebel Wisdom story is reaching a natural end. On November 5th, we’re putting on a final in-person event in London to bring together the most important ideas, people and practices we’ve discovered on the way. Rebel Wisdom founders David Fuller and Alexander Beiner will draw the project to a close with a gathering of leading thinkers, facilitators, rebels and renegades for a day of talks, sessions, reflections and celebration. 

Some of our most popular guests will be there, with Daniel Schmachtenberger, John Vervaeke and Ayishat Akanbi already confirmed, with more names be announced soon. 

Join us to gather together one last time, connect with others from around the world and have conversations that take us somewhere new. As night falls, we’ll head to the afterparty and dance around our last campfire as Rebel Wisdom ends with a bang.

David Fuller

Alexander Beiner

Ayishat Akanbi

Daniel Schmachtenberger

John Vervaeke

Carl Miller

Nicola Price

Our venue for the live event is The Trampery in Old Street, in the centre of in one of London’s most lively areas. Bright, spacious and intimate, this is where we’ll host our talks, sessions and discussion groups.

Our afterparty will be hosted at The Love Shack, about 10 mins from the Trampery. You can also buy individual tickets available for the afterparty in case you can’t make it during the day.

You can tune in to our live stream by purchasing a live stream ticket, or get a Premium Online Package to get access to the stream, all recordings and the evergreen versions of selected Rebel Wisdom courses. 

This will be a hybrid event, so whether you’re coming in person or tuning in online, you’ll be joining a participatory experience with people from around the world.  

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