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Vaccines & Dark Horse, an Investigation

Over the last few weeks, Rebel Wisdom has been investigating the claims of vaccine dangers made by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying and their guests on the Dark Horse podcast. This has not been an easy process given Bret and Heather are former interviewees and friends.

But the stakes could not be higher, and this issue shows up all of the problems of Sensemaking, and finding truth.

At the same time as this film is being released, David Fuller has written a piece for Areo magazine looking at the context and the sensemaking challenges involved:

We have also released a longer, exhaustive investigation of the evidence on our Rebel Wisdom Medium page:

And an interview with Iona Italia, the editor of Areo magazine, about the editorial process and the difficulty of balancing public and private when criticising friends:

We will be hosting a Q&A dialogue about the investigation in our Digital Campfire on Wednesday 18th August. Please come along if you are a Rebel Wisdom member, or consider joining (Explorers & Sensemakers invited):

We have also created a simple form for non members to submit questions if you wish, and we will address as many as possible during the Q&A:

We are running our highly regarded Sensemaking course again in October, check it out here:

Bret & Heather's Substack article:

Films referred to in this piece: 'War on Sensemaking' with Daniel Schmachtenberger:

'Deep Code' with Jordan Hall:

'The Hidden Epidemic' with Robert Whitaker:

Eric Weinstein: Vaccines, Ivermectin & Dark Horse:

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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