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Vervaeke & (Green)Hall: Bullshit & Simulated Thinking

This is the second 'explorations in meaning' conversation between Jordan (Green)Hall and John Vervaeke, a unique dialogue between two of the most pioneering thinkers we've featured on the channel.

In this conversation they examine the similarities between Jordan's concept of 'simulated thinking', and John's work on 'bullshit', linking it to Joseph Tainter's work on system collapse.

John Vervaeke is a professor of psychology at Toronto University and creator of the cult hit YouTube series 'Awakening from the Meaning Crisis'. Jordan Hall (formerly Greenhall) is a futurist and culture hacker.

The first part is available here:

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If you enjoyed this - we have an amazing two and a half hour emergent conversation 'Making Sense of Sensemaking', between Jordan Hall, Jamie Wheal and Daniel Schmachtenberger - available for subscribers in the members area of our website:

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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