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Rebel Wisdom Review of 2019

Rebel Wisdom Review of 2019. This is Rebel Wisdom's review of the year with clips from many of our most popular films of the year, and our reflections on the trajectory of the channel over 2019. 

In 2019 Rebel Wisdom released 83 films on the main channel, had a total of 3,950,472 views, and added 54,350 subscribers - helping us break the 100k barrier at the end of November.

Thank you for your support, enjoy this review, and see you in 2020.

Perhaps at the Rebel Wisdom Festival, London, May 2020:

Clips in this film are from the following films:

Where Gillette Went Wrong:

Toxic Femininity? Heather Heying:

Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web:

Mill Series Talk: My Journey with the Intellectual Dark Web:

Ken Wilber: 'Jordan Peterson and the evolution of thought':

Ken Wilber: The Intellectual Dark Web, an Integral Conversation?

The Legacy of Integral, Jamie Wheal:

John Vervaeke: Jordan Peterson & the Meaning Crisis:

The Polyamorous Professors, Diana Fleischman & Geoffrey Miller:

Dave Rubin: Alternative Media Needs to Grow Up:

John Cleese: Philosophy, Spirituality & Political Correctness:

The Science and Psychology of Polarisation:

Collective Intelligence Series:

Making Sense of Sensemaking: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall:

Collective Intelligence Practice, Bonnitta Roy:

The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger:

Telling The Story of Jordan Peterson, Patricia Marcoccia:

War on Sensemaking II, Daniel Schmachtenberger:

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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