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Collective Intelligence Series: Introduction

For the last 18 months, Rebel Wisdom has been seeking out the most advanced, essential and rebellious thinkers and tracking an online 'intellectual awakening'.

Many of these thinkers have independently come to the conclusion that a new form of collective intelligence is required to move forward. But what is collective intelligence, how do we use it, and why does it matter so much right now?

This is the introduction to Rebel Wisdom's new series on Collective Intelligence.

The other films in the series include a trialogue between Jordan (Green)Hall, Jamie Wheal and Daniel Schmachtenberger, 'Making Sense of Sensemaking' (Premiere on 4 September):

And Circling for Collective Intelligence, with founder of the conversational practice of Circling, Guy Sengstock (Coming Soon)

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Clips in this film came from:

Deep Code: Jordan (Green)Hall Documentary:

Hacking Collective Intelligence, Jamie Wheal:

'Humanity's Phase Shift', Daniel Schmachtenberger:

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