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Lost Ways of Knowing

Culture is fragmenting into ideological tribes defined by rigid certainty and reductionist thinking. As a result, we're struggling to find new solutions to the significant challenges we face.

What if it's the way we're perceiving that's the problem? Rebel Wisdom's Alexander Beiner has spent the last few months interviewing scientists, facilitators and systems theorists to explore the neuroscience, psychology and history of different ways of knowing, and how we can use them to make sense.

It includes new interviews with John Vervaeke, philosopher Nora Bateson, and jazz theorist Greg Thomas, facilitator Bonnitta Roy and a brand new conversation between Iain McGilchrist and John Vervaeke.

This film accompanies a three part written series which we're releasing on the Rebel Wisdom Medium channel. Chapter 1 is out now and can be found here:

You can see some of the people in this film live at the Rebel Wisdom Festival, London, May 30/31 2020:

Rebel Wisdom are now running regular Q&As with the interviewees from our films for our members, check out:

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