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Breathwork and Growth

 You'll Experience:

  • Five lectures and five deep transformational breath sessions
  • Insights into how character structures develop
  • Learning how emotions are held in the body and released
  • Inquiry processes to explore how your personality structure influences your life
  • A high quality workbook for further study

This Course Covers: 

  • The five core stages of childhood development
  • Breath and movement practices to access and process emotions
  • Somatic practices to release trapped emotions and restore nervous system regulation
  • New ways of working with developmental trauma using breath, imaginal practices, inquiry exercises, and meditations

Course Dates: There are two different options for this course: One is timed for UK/Europe evening/US afternoon, and runs on Tuesdays starting January 25, 2022, ending February 22 (SOLD OUT).

The second runs US evening/Australia morning and will run on Fridays starting January 28th 2022 and concluding February 25th. (PLACES AVAILABLE).
Price: £275 / $370

Price: £195 / $265

About the Course

With bestsellers like 'The Body Keeps the Score' by Bessell van der Kolk, and the success of work such as Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine, there is a fast-growing understanding of the importance of embodiment practices in health and transformation. Breathwork is surprisingly powerful, and a unique connection between the conscious and subconscious.

This group will use techniques from BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release to activate the vagus nerve, deepen embodiment, and reduce the stress response held in the nervous system. Breathwork has been shown to increase parasympathetic activity, heart rate variability, and physiological flexibility. As breathwork directly affects the vagus nerve, it impacts the immune system, functioning of your internal organs, and can deactivate your stress response and strengthen your relaxation response, making it incredibly beneficial to the nervous system and healing from trauma.

Prema McKeever is a highly experienced breathwork practitioner and bodyworker, in this course she will take you on a journey to examine and heal early family life conditioning. She will help you discover how emotions become trapped in the body and create specific character structures, which imprint the story of our childhood into our emotional and physical body.

In this experiential group we will re-connect with the language of our bodies, exploring each character structure as a pathway for embodiment and personal growth. We will take a deeply loving look into our own childhood experiences to witness how our needs were met and not met, what we learned about boundaries, individuality, safety, trust, connection, shame and self-worth, and how that is held in our bodies. We will also explore different methods to safely support our nervous system to release layers of “Flight/Fight/Freeze” impulses so we can live in our bodies with a greater sense of ease and presence.

No previous experience is required. This group is uniquely designed for anyone who is wanting to heal from their own early life experiences and release the most unconscious layers of their personality.

About Prema McKeever

Prema McKeever (M.Sci). is a somatic therapist, transformational workshop facilitator, and educator who combines more than 25 years of experience in conscious breathwork, emotional release work, and body-mind therapies.

She is a trainer for the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and a Path of Love facilitator.

Her aim is to guide people to compassionately meet the unknown parts of themselves and heal the disconnect with their bodies.  

She sees her work and life as a journey of vulnerability and trust, and a slow yet potent opening toward self-compassion, presence, and conscious action in the world.

Jules Evans

Course Structure

The course is an embodied, transformational process designed to help you uncover new insights, understandings and release emotions. Each session will start with an embodiment journey to explore the psycho-somatic pattern, then an inquiry, then breathwork. The sessions are centred on a different developmental themes and a corresponding band of tension in the body (you can read more below).

This course sold out quickly, so we have added a second edition to run simultaneously. This starts Friday 28th February, timed for US evening, 8pm East Coast & 5pm West Coast, and 9am Australia (East Coast). Each session lasts two and a half hours. After the breathwork, we will do a short integration process together. All sessions will be recorded so you can access them later


Session 1 - The Right to Exist

25 January, 2022

This session is about the psycho-spiritual dynamics around our right to exist. We'll expolore what it means to be embodied, and look at basic trust. The breathwork will focus on opening up crown of head & eyes.

Session 2 - The Right to Our Needs

1 February, 2022

This session explores how we relate to our own needs, exploring where we're attuned to them and where we're cut off from them. The breathwork focuses on opening the mouth, throat and neck.

Session 3 - The Right to Trust

8 February, 2022

This session explores how we relate to control, and how we avoid healthy dependence and vulnerability. The breathwork focuses on opening the heart.

Session 4 - The Right to Autonomy

February 15, 2022

In this session we look at autonomy, exploring how we accommodate others, boundaries, and how this connects to shame. The breathwork focuses on the diaphragm and belly.

Session 5 - The Right to Love and Sexuality

February 22, 2022

This session is all about intimacy and connection. We look at intimacy & sexuality, our relationships and how we connect. The breathwork focuses on the pelvis.

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