One of the biggest problems with talking about something as vast and impactful as the pandemic is to find the right level of analysis. In this epic piece, we look at the deeper religious and theological forces playing out below the surface of our day to day conflicts over topics like vaccines, authoritarianism and safety.

We pull apart the hidden religiosity of “both sides” of the pandemic, that seems to be accelerating, even as the rapid spread of the Omicron variant brings us towards the pandemic endgame.

It features interviews with the cognitive scientist John Vervaeke, Unherd writer Mary Harrington, the author Paul Kingsnorth, emergency doctor Rocky Jedick and many more.

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Pieces referenced in the film include:

Joe Rogan with Peter McCullough:

Joe Rogan with Robert Malone:

Breaking the Polarity Spell of the Covidiots and Covidians, Peter Limberg:

Vaccine purity has infected the West, Mary Harrington:

This Vaccine Moment, Paul Kingsnorth:

Paul Kingsnorth: Why I changed sides in the vaccine wars:

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Walking the Talk on Free Speech? With Triggernometry:

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:50 The return of religion and the ‘post secular’

00:04:55 The Covid Thesis vs Covid Antithesis

00:05:43 The Religiosity of the Thesis Narrative

00:08:39 The Religiosity of the Antithesis Narrative

00:14:25 Covid Synthesis?

00:16:47 What makes us intelligent leads to self-deception

00:20:24 We’re all biased

00:24:48 Mary Harrington, vaccine purity codes & theology

00:33:44 The scapegoat dynamic

00:37:45 Religion, Egregores & ‘Mass Formation’

00:44:53 John Vervaeke, suspicion is eating itself

00:48:45 Dialogos & the ‘hermeneutics of beauty’

00:56:50 ‘Pfizer are shitbags’

00:58:53 Responsible heterodoxy vs conspiracy thinking

01:01:25 Making sense of Robert Malone’s claims

01:10:44 An ER doctor evaluates Robert Malone, Rocky Jedick MD

01:20:00 Understanding the red flags

01:27:14 Our broken information landscape

01:32:07 Understanding motivation vs ad hominem

01:35:42 Epistemic humility & holding perspectives

01:43:44 The ‘uncanny valley’ of truth seeking

01:51:00 The incentive landscape for the antithesis, Paul Kingsnorth

01:57:49 The ethics of alternative media

02:06:23 Truth as a sacred value