We are in the middle of a new psychedelic renaissance, At the centre of this revolution are hopes that these substances could be miracle drugs in the treatment of conditions such as depression.

One of the most high profile studies so far happened in the UK, and a new film has just emerged, ‘Magic Medicine’ with exclusive access behind the scenes of the trial, following patients through their experience.

In this film, we speak to Magic Medicine’s director, Monty Wates, and Ros Watts, the lead psychologist for the study. More on Magic Medicine here: https://magicmedicine.net/

This is part of a series on psychedelics, to see the introduction & context-setter: https://youtu.be/gZDsdE174g4

The other films in the series are: ‘Is the Psychedelic Renaissance Doomed?’ with Jamie Wheal: https://youtu.be/QkPB33bD3hQ

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