At our men’s weekend Intensives, we take key concepts from our films and talks and turn them into practical wisdom and direct experience. For example, Jordan Peterson’s idea of aligning ourselves with the truth (logos) and living it out in our lives. Also the concept, originally from the psychologist Carl Jung, of integrating the ‘shadow’ (those things about ourselves we reject or deny) and using it as fuel to drive ourselves forward.

We teach a number of techniques to help you do this, as well as methods for improving key psychological traits like presence, determination, mental discipline and self-reflection.

We create a strong and safe container of brotherhood to allow yourself to look honestly at what is working and what is not working in your life, and provide practical tools to change things. We use a variety of methods to elicit flow states and new ways of perceiving, from meditation techniques to self-inquiry to bodywork and exercise. Our Intensives are a mythic journey for every man. Together, we overcome inner challenges, testing ourselves and speaking the truth to burn off whatever’s holding us back from our full potential. We return home as stronger, wiser and more relaxed men.

As one recent participant put it: “I wanted to pass on my thanks to you and the team for what is essentially the beginning of a new epoch in my life as a man. To say that what you’re doing is essential is an immense understatement at this time in our existence and it’s almost as if collectively we are responding to a call to adventure from the very universe itself. Thank you for helping me find connection to the brother(s) that I never had.”

By using clear intention and focus, and creating a space dedicated to honesty and growth we help you create new possibilities for yourself in the world. Watch the video for testimonials from our men’s weekend workshop.

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