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The War on Art, with Lionel Shriver & Tim Lott (live event)

The first talk in our Rebel Wisdom Live series, 'The War on Art' explored censorship and freedom of speech in literature. Novelist Lionel Shriver ('We Need to Talk About Kevin') has stirred up controversy with her attacks on political correctness infiltrating literature. In particular she argues that the concept of cultural appropriation is incompatible with creating art.

Fellow author and Rebel Wisdom regular Tim Lott is also concerned at how a new ideology is spreading through the literary world. Moderated by David Fuller, Lionel and Tim delved into this contentious topic and answered some excellent questions from the audience and the Live Stream.

*Please note - we had some teething problems with the audio and have done our best to clean it up, but there might be the odd distortion remaining.*

The next 'Rebel Wisdom Live' talk will be 'Divided Brain, Divided World' with Iain McGilchrist in London on November 20th at 7pm GMT. We will be live streaming from 7:30pm, and if you want to attend in person visit

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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