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Bret Weinstein on the Dawkins Debate

What kind of creatures are we? The video has just been published from the long-awaited discussion between evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins and Bret Weinstein in Chicago in October.

In it, they explore vital disagreements about key issues in evolution, in particular the role of belief structures such as religion. Dawkins famously describes them as 'mind viruses' while Weinstein claims that this is not the case.

Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller sat down with Bret Weinstein to discuss the debate and its fundamental importance to our understanding of human evolution.

Full debate online here:

To see Bret's analysis of his proposed debate with David Sloan Wilson, head over to his Patreon channel:

Just uploaded - another interview with Bret Weinstein, 'Jordan Peterson, gender and ideology' -

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Clip used from Pangburn Philosophy, credited under fair usage rules.

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You have to confirm your subscription via email after you hit the Subscribe button.

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