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Rebel Wisdom Q&A Number One

The first Rebel Wisdom Q and A. Where we answer 11 of your questions, as submitted earlier in the week. As below.

1. Why do you use the "black sun" as a logo? what does it mean to you? (The Dashing Rogue)

2. What do you two see as the telos or end of all this Peterson/IDW stuff? What is the goal to ultimately justify and direct this collective intellectual endeavor? (Landbeorht)

3. I would like to hear what pieces of art you regard as the highest human achievement that you know of - in category of raising oneself closer to God. And your opinion on music, and your perspetive on its effects on consciousness - individual and social. (adelsasumi)

5. I'm wondering how you would distinguish your (and persumibly Petersons) position on religion from people like Sam Harris on one hand, and people like Paul Vanderklay on the other. I assume you would agree more with Harris than with Vanderklay about the ontological status of events like the resurection, if so, what is the real difference between your positions? Do you see phycological value in religion that Sam Harris does not? Thanks. (Julian W)

6. Have you read any C.S. Lewis apologetics? if so, what did you think. (Peter Geddes)

7. Could you do interviews with two people who have different views on the deep issues? I think those make the most interesting interactions. And if you do it, I think a conversation is preferable to a debate. Watching your content also in Israel. Keep up the good work!

8. It seems the fact that Dr. Peterson actually embodies his philosophy (to a rare degree) is particularly confounding to his detractors. The character attacks, misrepresentation, flat out lies about him and his message. Is this evidence of a disdain for not just the individual, but also for what he represents. I think yes. (G Thomas)

9. A forbidden question that no one can talk about. Louise brought this up and I think it's a very important question. Where are women's "long form" deep insights and opinions about the "Peterson movement" ie jungian psychology, motivation, political issues, men's movement, open dialogue about societal problems etc etc? It seems women are not participating in these long form discussions. (Aim Bot)

10. However I can't shake this feeling that I've wasted my 20s trying to avoid the pain and the anger through booze etc and I'm worried that my youth is slowly slipping through my fingers with nothing to show for it. Any advice for what I can do to accelerate the healing process? Books? Practical physical/mental exercises etc? Thanks and sorry for the long read. (James Carmichael)

11. Do you have any plans to more specifically have Integral Theory/Spiral Dynamics/metamodernism discussions with any of the guests you have, either prior guests or upcoming ones? (CalicoTMH)

12. I've read some comments about the men's getaway that Rebel Wisdom runs, and they characterise it and Rebel Wisdom as a brand of Feminism. Is that a fair thing to say? (Ohloveeh)

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