What can Socrates teach us about identity politics? Can Mary Wollstonecraft give us a fresh take on free speech in the age of big tech? What would Carl Jung make of the strange union of the new age and far right known as ‘Conspirituality’?

This video introduces our latest course, led by award-winning public philosopher Jules Evans, looks at the big philosophical ideas and thinkers behind some of the noisiest issues of the day. With so much reaction and outrage in public debate, it can be difficult to step back and see the philosophical positions – the deep code – underlying these clashing currents. When we do, we can uncover essential insights that help us thrive in the times we live in.

Philosophy for Modern Life will take you on a journey of understanding the key philosophical ideas and arguments underlying today’s disputes. We will unpack these ideas in a critical and non-dogmatic way, introducing you to some of the leading thinkers and philosophies that can help you see where people are coming from, where your own philosophical sympathies might lie, and why there are always two sides to every argument.