Rebel Wisdom’s Sensemaking Series is all about the problem of Truth in the digital age.

This film looks at how the alternative media creates and enforces tribal boundaries, and argues that some kind of mediation is needed to tackle the spiral of polarisation and division.

The first film ‘What the F**k Is Going On?’ looked at the crisis of traditional media, and has had 330,000 views in a month:

Other films and articles referenced in this film:

‘Culture War 2.0’ Peter Limberg:

Check out Peter’s Stoa project:

Internet of Beefs, Venkatesh Rao:

Matt Taibbi & Bret Weinstein, The Dark Horse Podcast:

Matt Taibbi ‘The Left is Now the Right’:

‘What the Right Gets Wrong about Social Justice Culture’, Quillette:

Can Truth Survive Big Tech? Tristan Harris:

Humanity’s Phase Shift, Daniel Schmachtenberger:

Legacy of Integral, Jamie Wheal:

Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web:

‘Is the Intellectual Dark Web an Integral Conversation?’ Ken Wilber:

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