Rebel Wisdom’s Sensemaking Series is looking at the problem of truth in the digital age. If we can’t agree on what is true, how can we even begin to solve any of the other problems we are facing.

In the first film in the series ‘What the F*ck is Going On’, a month ago, we looked at the growing crisis in journalism. The crisis has continued to accelerate in the last few weeks.

In this edition, Rebel Wisdom founder, journalist David Fuller speaks to Jesse Singal from the Blocked and Reported podcast, and also brings in new material with Bret Weinstein, and frameworks to understand what’s happening from Jordan Hall.

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Harpers Letter:

Bari Weiss resignation letter:

Blocked and Reported Podcast:

Article: “The Reaction to the Harper’s Letter on Cancel Culture Proves Why It Was Necessary”:


Sensemaking Series Introduction, What the F*ck is Going On?:

The Death of Journalism? Katie Herzog & Jesse Singal, Sensemaking Series:

Unlearning Race in 2020? Thomas Chatterton Williams:

Deep Code, Documentary with Jordan Hall:

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